Boulder, CO, Dentists

Need a dental check up, filling, root canal, teeth cleaning, or other professional dental - dental hygienist services? Click any of the general dental practices and offices in Boulder, CO, Colorado, below for additional practice information, including address and map.

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Basic Listing
Dr. Michael J Adler
1810 30th St, Ste A,
Boulder, CO, 80301-1025
(303) 449-1119

Dr. Marc A Alber
2919 Valmont Rd, Ste 106,
boulder, CO, 80301-1350
(303) 449-3132

John Montoya
3400 Penrose Place, Suite 104
Boulder, CO, 80301

Dr. Victor Raposo - Boulder Dental Implants Lafayette
3400 Penrose Place, Suite 106
Boulder, CO, 80301
303 604-9393

Comfort Dental
3400 Arapahoe Ave.,
Boulder, CO, 80303

Dr. Carolyn Kupka - Dentist Boulder Dental Office
3100 Arapahoe, Suite #303
Boulder, CO, 80303
303 444-2884

Lisa Kalfas, DDS - Cosmetic Dentistry Boulder
2300 Canyon Blvd,
Boulder, CO, 80302

Anne Ward Birnbaum
1000 Alpine Ave Ste 270,
Boulder, CO, 80304

Scott J Fridrich
1120 Alpine Ave Ste C,
Boulder, CO, 80304

Thomas Michael Bogan
1150 Maxwell Ave,
Boulder, CO, 80304

Featured Dentists

  • Dr. Mark Kleive, DDS in Minneapolis

    Dr.Kleive is a cosmetic dentist in St.Paul, Minneapolis who will work closely with you to give you your healthiest, most beautiful smile, the way you want it.He focuses on highly individualized care, addressing the issues that are important to you and working at your pace.
  • Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville
    Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville
    Children's Dentistry of Charlottesville is a large dental practice that primarily provides dental services to children and Special Needs Patients. We offer comprehensive dental services in a friendly environment. Children's Dentistry of Charlottesville also provides sleep dentistry services, ranging from conscious sedation to general anesthesia, for patients that are unable to tolerate dentistry in a conventional setting. We are also proud to offer dental care for Spanish-speaking patients, as we have a team of Spanish-fluent employees and a doctor that is fluent in Spanish also.