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Featured Dentists

  • Rejuvenation Dentistry
    Rejuvenation Dentistry
    Founded by Dr. Gerry Curatola,
    Rejuvenation Dentistry provides full comprehensive dentistry including
    full mouth restoration ascribing to the principles of Bioregulatory
    (biologic and holistic) Dentistry. Services include minimally invasive
    periodontal treatment, biocompatible restorative dentistry, safe mercury
    removal, occlusal rehabilitation and conservative orthodontics, TMJ
    therapy l, treatment of sleep apnea and airway support, biologic dental
    implants and dental surgery including the treatment of jaw cavitations.
    Rejuvenation Dentistry looks at slices of toxicity in the mouth and
    recognized the unique role that the mouth as a mirror and a gateway to
    total body wellness
  • Dr. Carol Morgan - Williamsburg Smiles

    Dr. Carol Morgan and the team at Williamsburg Smiles provide Williamsburg, VA residents with quality cosmetic dental care.Our comprehensive and minimally invasive solutions include laser therapy, gum disease treatment, children's dentistry, porcelain veneers, Invisalign clear braces, and dental implants.